WWE AND GK FANS Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The Legend Kurt Angle

WWE AND GOALKEEPER FANS – Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The WWE Legend Kurt Angle, Wearing Their J4K Goalkeeper Gloves At Man City Football Stadium. you might have to fast forward to see some amazing penalty saves.   The WWE team wearing their j4k goalkeeper gloves

Build a solid foundation first

Our Winter Indoor season for 2017-18 has begin! And with a new indoor season beginning this week, our focus topic is building a solid foundation of goalkeeping through balance, good body/hand/set position and footwork. Not unlike building a foundation to support a home, a goalkeepers balance, set position, body/hand position and footwork lay the foundation Read more

How do you react when the weather changes?

Here is Idaho the weather is definitely fall / winter with colder conditions, rain and wind. During the session on Saturday as the rain was falling and the temperature struggled to get to 45 degrees I was loving the way the ball would zip off the grass and come onto the goalkeepers quickly. It took Read more

J4k goalkeeper glove endorsee Joe Day

J4k goalkeeper glove endorsee Joe Day has been in fine form this season for Newport Count making making great saves in his performances. Joe who has been wearing J4K goalkeeper gloves for nearly 5 years now is producing some outstanding performances for this season and helping his team climb the league table. Joe Day in Read more