At J4K of NoVA we’ve been thinking hard about giving you something useful and new to do while you’re at home.  While viewing lots of the usual individual GK training exercises, it occurred to us that the BEST new tool we’ve used recently to help our players  with conditioning, movement, balance, and strength is the SwitchedOn App. Some of you may be familiar with it as we’ve used it in some of our training sessions. Much of our goalkeeper training sessions are focused on core strength, balance, set shape, footwork and handling. What SwitchedOn has done is take these skills and add in the cognitive component.

This AWESOME program/app by SwitchedOn Training  is designed to take your physical training and switch on your brain by using visual stimuli. Within a set time, you need to perform a set movement and get reset for the next cue.

Check out the promo video here

All you need is a mobile device,  a few items you already have lying around the house and YOU! No partners necessary. You can create your own workouts – the options are limitless!

Go download the app at the App Store or on Google Play.

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