This week J4K of NoVA academy players have been working on the various forms of distribution a goalkeeper uses. This skill is oftentimes overlooked by team coaches and during regular training sessions because the focus is on the keepers footwork, handling, body position and shot stopping. With Just 4 Keepers Training in Northern VA we spend time talking about the technique of each of the forms of distribution, the appropriate times to look to use each and then focus on putting these into action.

The goalkeeper often times has the opportunity to touch the ball far more times in distribution than in making a “save”. The modern day keeper should make themselves available to their teammates to relieve pressure and to change the point of attack. Thus, playing with the feet is vital and being able to connect with players by throwing, rolling or punting begins the attack of the team. Errant or bad distribution leads to the ball being placed in dangerous positions creating unwanted scoring opportunities. ¬†Even after making a save the keeper has the ability to create a dangerous counter attack simply by recognizing the correct distribution method and target player.

These are the types of skills Just 4 Keepers of Northern VA works on a weekly basis in our academy sessions. Contact us to find out when you get start moving your game to the next level!