From Sugar Farm worker to International keeper.

I have travelled the world coaching goalkeepers, and when I have coached in venues in countries like the UK, Turkey, Holland, Ireland, Canada and the USA to name but a few, for the most part the children have little to no idea how fortunate they are.

They train in facilities, second to none, and are lucky enough to have parents who will drive them to the ends of the earth and pay a lot of money to give their child an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I then hear such inspirational stories like the story of Patriqs Matasi. Which is so far opposite to what I have seen and witnessed over the years, and it makes you think, how on earth did this guy succeed with all his challenges!

Patriqs did not have the facilities that we are lucky to have and a lot of the time having to train on fields that had no grass, where not level and that could cause serious injury.

He also trained without goalkeeper gloves a lot of the time and certainly did not have the padded protective gear we all take for granted and that we do not use – (Which we should!!!)

Before he achieved his goalkeeping dreams, he had a lot of rejections and had to work on a sugar farm for long hours each day!

Now fast forward to today.

Patriqs, plays professionally in Ethiopia and also representing his country Kenya!

So a message to all young (and old) goalkeepers out there, make sure you appreciate the facilities you have and certainly make sure you more than appreciate your parents for giing you the opportunity to achieve your goalkeeping dreams!

May myself and all at J4k wish Patriqs the very best of luck in his next game!


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