How many times have you heard “Goalkeepers are different” or “they’re a little bit odd”. Well, the fact of the matter is that we goalkeepers are a bit different than a field player. Our mindset, our training methods,  skill set,  approach to the game, the list goes on. For each team there are only 1-3 keepers per squad compared with 18-20 field players. You don’t typically see goalkeepers being interchanged with any other position on the field like some field players do. We are unique and have different needs. To help goalkeepers and parents of goalkeepers, we have assembled a one stop resource to help.

Goalkeepers don’t win games, they save them. How do you best prepare physically for the challenges you’ll face?

Mentally, there is no comparison. Goalkeepers have a much more difficult job. How do you prepare or overcome adversity? If a field player loses the ball, he/she immediately has the opportunity to win it back and regain possession for the team. When a goalkeeper loses the ball, chances are high it results in a goal. The margin for error is much lower for a goalkeeper. How do you bounce back from a “soft goal”?

What type of gloves are best for your hand shape? Negative cut, roll finger, hybrid? Should I wear padded gear?

Tactically, when should I throw, punt or roll out of the back? Who should I look for and when?

I can’t find time in my schedule to do outside goalkeeper training. What can I do on my own to help develop my skills?

How can I be seen by college coaches?

I’d love to help coach or be a goalkeeper coach one day. How do I do that?

There are lots of questions parents of goalkeepers and goalkeepers have and want to know more about. Because we are committed to helping all youth goalkeepers reach their dreams, we have a one stop resource to help answer all these questions and more. At Totalgoalkeeping you’ll find all you need to know about goalkeeping. Free videos, tips and tricks for training, locating sessions, camps, help with being seen by colleges and scouts….all kids of good info. So go see how we can help you!