2922_28441758632_oThere are times when I will set up a drill, demonstrate it to my Goalkeepers, talk about the purpose of the drill and the coaching points. I then tell the keepers to begin, and they try to run the drill at a really fast pace! I then ask my keepers “Did I tell you to go 1,000mph?”

There is a time and place to work on drills that require fast movement and/or fast recovery, but I will always make sure I emphasize and demonstrate the drill in that manner, if that is the objective I am trying to coach.

I ALWAYS try to emphasize and highlight the coaching points And the Step by Step techniques and Basics that make up the drill and the overall save.

Reinforcing THE BASICS/FUNDAMENTALS, ‘Should’ be coached at EVERY opportunity, Whether it is demonstrating a drill, working on a shooting drill with the GK and his/her team, or discussing post game performance.

Regardless of the age or level of the keeper, they must constantly work on the basics. To think that working on basics is not needed once a keeper reaches a particular playing level, will result in that keeper making mistakes and errors that will not see them playing at that level for long! Even the best keepers in the World make mistakes, therefore, it makes sense to working on basics Whenever Possible!

In Every Training and Goalkeeper Coaching session, Practice, or Game, a keeper really needs to be thinking and working on the following areas:- :

  • Positioning
  • Body Shape
  • Footwork
  • Hand Position
  • Watching the Ball into the Hands
  • Dealing with the Ball (Catch or Parry)
  • Landing
  • Recovery (If Needed)
  • Distribution

Reinforcing the basics while emphasizing their importance to the keeper in a progressive manner, at the same time creating an understanding of the technique is CRITICAL for the development of ANY Keeper!! This will help the Keeper Get to AND Stay at the Highest Level!

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