I’m asked often “How do I know what size goalkeeper glove to buy? How should they fit?” Well, they shouldn’t fit like a glove. Huh?? Let me explain….

Part of any good goalkeeper training in Virginia should include advising students on the proper fit of equipment. Since the most important piece of equipment for a GK is his/her gloves, a proper fit is key. To make sure you are getting the correct fit, they shouldn’t fit “like a glove”, in other words, they should not be tight. Fingertips should not be at the end of the glove, like, well, a GLOVE.

To get a proper size, measure with a tape measure, or a piece of string which you can then lay down on a ruler or tape measure. Go around the widest part of the hand, EXCLUDING the thumb. For our example lets say that number was 8.25″.  Now, round to the nearest inch (in this case down to 8. If it was above .5″ round up) and add 1 inch. That is your proper glove size. In this example the proper glove size would be 9.

Gloves should not be so large that the fingers can be removed from the slots and you should be able to make a strong fist. If it feels like you are wearing an oven mitt, try one size down and see how that works.

Don’t forget to keep them clean! That is a topic for another day! Cheers!