There are so many soccer things I want to talk about, but as I sit at my computer to write them down, I can’t get past the heavy sadness I feel for all the families in Newton CT.  As you, I have watched the news reports and listened to the painful details of the tragic events in a sleepy town, not unlike where we live. All those families lives turned upside down, thrust to a point none of us can truly imagine. Losing a child has to be one of the most painful experiences a parent can live through. But such a senseless, selfish act makes it much worse.

Much debate will be had in the coming weeks or months. Regardless what side of the debate you fall, the bottom line is we as parents have no control over what may happen to our children when they leave our homes. Give them hugs, make them feel safe and act as if tomorrow is not promised. Because we have seen, strange and uncontrollable events can happen.

I appreciate you trusting me with helping your children grow as soccer players. I also hope I can help build self-confidence and provide a fun environment for them. All those things aside I just can’t help thinking about all those Newton kids and their parents.

Let us all keep them in our hearts and prayers not just in the next few days and weeks, but always.