While I have been watching a lot of youth soccer games this summer, I have been asked by many parents and goalkeepers about goalkeeper specific training.

It has come to my attention that the only specific training that youth goalkeepers are receiving is the 15 minutes prior to their games. While it is important to warm up before games, it is even more important to dedicate at least one session a week to goalkeeper specific training.

This one session allows the goalkeeper to work on all aspects of the position, working on different skills that will be useful in game situations such as Handling, Kicking, Diving, Positioning, Shot Stopping, Crossing or Breakaways. Consistent, focused and meaningful practice is what makes a great goalkeeper.

Since I have been Goalkeeper Coaching in Rochester  I have been asked many times why goalkeepers need specific training. It is very simple; we have different skill sets to every other player on the field, therefore we need a completely different training program to the other team members.

So next time you are watching a game and you see a goalkeeper make a mistake or lacking confidence, think for a minute and ask yourself, ‘is this goalkeeper getting the correct training?’