Just returned from the Jefferson Cup in Williamsburg, VA where I had a chance to watch two J4K of Northern VA keepers in action. Both did well! Good decision making and good use of the core skills they have learned led to nice saves!!

It’s an important function of what any good GK coach should do: watching your keepers in match play and analyzing their performance. Are they retaining what they learn in training and are they putting those skills into practice? Are they communicating well with their team and being the link to the attack? Without watching a match it can be unclear if certain skills are being implemented.  So, at J4K of Nova, our goalkeeper training provides a fun environment but are focused not only on the technical skills of our students, but also how well they integrate with their teams. We want to make certain our students are constantly improving and developing and will be sure to communicate with your team coaches to help your GK.

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