A Goalkeepers most valuable asset is what??? His/her body! If a GK is not properly protected you put your body at risk of injury.

I hear lots of young goalkeepers say, “I don’t need a long sleeve jersey” or “I never wear long pants”. Yes, you do…..Young players see the pros playing in short sleeved shirts and shorts, and think this is what they should be doing. What they see is game wear, not training wear. Training wear is greatly different than game wear. In addition, professional players play on beautifully manicured fields with grass-like carpet. In most all cases during training these keepers cover up with long jerseys, long pants, and training jackets. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense, because in training a GK is hitting the ground much more than in a match.

Long pants are especially beneficial at the younger levels of competition because field conditions are often less than ideal. Although playing on artificial turf is more common today, wearing long pants and long sleeves easily prevents turf burn and rash from sliding. These wounds can be tender and once created, the constant abuse from diving make them difficult to heal. Cover up, and prevent them from happening!

Also, Keepers should always have 2 different color jerseys with them on match day so if they have to change, they will have the proper equipment. If the day is wet and messy, bring one jersey to warm up in and then put on a dry, clean one for the match. If the day is rainy and cold, make sure to keep one dry in your bag so you can change at half-time. It’s amazing what a dry jersey will do to warm you up!

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