I have had several parents (and even coaches) ask why does my keeper need to find a goalkeeping coach? My first response is to normally say, “Ask Tim Howard or any other pro keeper!” However, I normally just ask “how much training does your keeper get at practice?” The normal answer is “NOT MUCH!”

In just the past 6 month I have trained over 50 keepers who have taken their abilities to the next level and the parents and coaches have emailed, texted, called or sent a message over social media talking about how much difference they have seen in their keeper since starting extra training with me. I have helped 4 keepers (male and female) get starting positions at their high schools…AS FRESHMAN. All my keepers have won a combined over 15 tournaments since April (several in PK’S). Some of these tournaments I played in as a youth player. Several of my keepers went from backup status to full time starter on 2 or more teams. I have had several get called up to a higher age bracket. Two of my keepers went 2 months without conceding a goal in the Heartland League (KS) and were 2 out of 600 teams that had not conceded. The other was a U-15 Sporting KC Academy team. I could go on and on.

If you or your goalkeeper needs help taking their game to the next level…then J4K of Alabama is the best and last place you need to look. So, for Goalkeeper Coaching in Alabama, just contact me and let’s start training!