How To Deal With Ego Coaches!!!

(How Do You Handle This? Comment Below)

As a parent it can be terribly difficult having to deal with an egotistical coach (especially single mothers) and over the past 20 plus years running Just4keepers, I have had sooooo many parents come to me for help and advice. So much so I made this video.

Thankfully most coaches are excellent and coach for the right reason, to help children, but sadly like everything in life, there are the bad apples, and there are coaches who sadly coach because they need to build their ego. If you are having to deal with a egotistical coach, the below video will 100% help. ALSO IF YOU HAVE DEALT WITH A COACH WITH A EGO… Please comment below how you handled this, because this will help the parents in the J4k Community if they are having this issue at present.