In our passion to bring more products to help the J4K Community and the launch of the J4K Goalkeeper DIY section, we would like to explain about one of our new products, the J4K Balance Board.

The J4K Balance Board, can really help goalkeepers strengthen their ankles.

Did you know one of the most common injuries for a goalkeeper is sprained ankles, or worse ripped ankle ligaments.

Having had several ankle injuries over the years, I know first hand how painful these injuries can be, in fact, it was an ankle injury that ended my professional goalkeeping career.

When you think about it, goalkeepers are changing direction, at rapid speed, on the space of a dime, so if you have not got strong ankles, you will be prone to an ankle injury.

Now when I played professionally all those years back, there was not the apparatus like there is today, to help strengthen things like ankles, and maybe if I used the balance board once per day to strengthen my ankles, maybe my career would have been prolonged ???

Hindsight heh 🙂

I know this is just a short post, but hopefully I have drummed into you, the importance of strengthening a part of your body, that could be prone to injury because of the extent this body part gets used.

And the beauty about the J4K Balance Board, it is so easy to use and can be used more or less anywhere, and only using it for a few moments each day, can have positive results.

Also, another use for the J4K Balance Board is if you are coming back from any type of leg injury as this can speed up the recovery rate. But lets hope you do not need the board for this reason 🙂

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