A lot of times I hear my keepers say “Another Keeper coach told me I HAVE to do this save THIS way”, or “My other coach tells me doing it this way is WRONG!”

How can we say this is WRONG, or HAS to be THIS way, or THAT way? Isn’t it our responsibility as a coach of SUCH a SPECIFIC position to take into consideration the Individual needs and requirements of EACH KEEPER on an INDIVIDUAL Basis?

Each keeper ‘Should’ be coached on their own Specific Individual needs based on factors such as: – Ability, Age, Experience, Strengths, Weaknesses, Stature, and Athleticism, to name a few. Getting to know your keeper and being able to coach them individually, even if you are coaching in a group setting is CRITICAL.

When I hear a keeper tell me “A coach told me I HAVE to use the ‘W’ technique when catching” or another tell me “My coach says the “Diamond’ technique is what I HAVE to use”. I respond by asking “What works best for you?” they look at me in amazement almost like they are thinking “I get to choose?”

At Just4Keepers of East PA, because we work with our keepers year-round, we are able to get a better understanding of what works BEST for each of our keepers, ‘GENERIC’ Coaching doesn’t always work!! Yes there are basic guidelines and techniques to coach and there are without doubt less effective ways to play as a goalkeeper, but let’s treat each keeper on a ‘Micro-Technique’ level and adapt to their own idiosyncrasies. What works best for John may not work well for Joanne. The way Jimmy catches a high ball may be slightly different to how Jenny does it.

It’s very important to have a session thoroughly planned, be able to Progress and even Regress when needed and to Focus, Develop and Improve a keepers weaker areas while continuing to Maintain, Reinforce and Compliment the Keepers Strengths!!