I was thinking whether to write this or not but felt I had too in a hope to educate goalkeepers and parents of goalkeepers.

I have been running goalkeeper schools for nearly 13 years now in 18 countries and it does not matter if its England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Holland etc etc, the coaches at their respected soccer clubs are always very keen to get their goalkeeper specialists keeper training.

In 2012 J4K hit the shore of the USA and because of our history and success for goalkeepers; Just4keepers is already a huge hit in US with our coaching covering nine states already!

Also this year J4K is running a series of goalkeeper identification camps where goalkeepers can win a free place at our National Residential Goalkeeper Camp held in Palm Coast Florida, (www.goalkeepercamps.net.) and also the amazing prize to attend our International Residential Goalkeeping Camp in England. (www.goalkeepercamps.co.uk)

As this is an all-expense paid trip worth about $3000 and the chance for a goalkeeper to be scouted by professional soccer clubs, as you can imagine goalkeepers are very very excited about what Just4keepers is bringing to the table in the US.

However what I find unbelievable is that coaches at soccer clubs throughout the USA are not telling their goalkeepers about the opportunities associated with Just4keepers and the potential for them to win this amazing prize.

I have done a little research why this might be happening, and reading between the lines it’s because most soccer clubs have their own goalkeeper coach. I also did a study of nearly 100 soccer clubs and checked the credentials of the GK coach and I would say as much as 97% of goalkeeper coaches are just a parent with a goalkeeper qualification.

I do not mean to be disrespectful to these keeper coaches as I admire anyone who is trying to help children but this GK Coach could be un – intentionally doing more harm than good!

I think another reason is some soccer clubs are ran as a business, and obviously frightened their keepers will come to J4K when they see what we can do for them. In other countries what I have experienced is the soccer clubs are ran more for the benefit of the players rather than a business.

I think it is selfish some soccer clubs are not allowing their goalkeepers to not only get professional goalkeeper coaching but also putting them in an environment where they could make a career out of goalkeeping because J4K has helped more goalkeepers achieve their dream of getting to a professional soccer club than any other goalkeeper school in history!!!

Maybe it’s just me but I thought soccer clubs and soccer coaches where all about helping their players not holding them back because they want to protect their gk coach or maybe they are frightened their keeper will not attend their paid for soccer camps anymore?

Only the coaches at each club will know the real reason why they deliberately hold their goalkeepers back but I think it is sad that they will not let their players go to external organisation that can help.

I also write this article to pre warn clubs they will lose their goalkeepers!

By the way, please do not think this is sour grapes by myself as Just4keepers coach over 6000 goalkeepers in 18 countries now and what is happening, is when goalkeepers find out that J4K is in their area, they are coming to be trained by us anyway because they can see that 1, we will develop them quicker and 2, we can offer them opportunities their club cannot offer.

Also when parents and goalkeepers come to J4K and they find out that we contacted their club weeks or months earlier and their club refused to tell them about J4K, in quite a few cases now the parent and goalkeeper have left the club, so it’s the clubs who will lose out in the long run.

As I said above I have coached goalkeepers in many many countries now and in EVERY country the soccer clubs are so enthusiastic to help their goalkeepers develop but for some reason in the USA some soccer clubs seem to want to lock their goalkeepers away within their organization, which it is wrong really.

Parents and goalkeepers need to realize that there is other soccer organizations out there that can enhance their career chances and they need to start looking outside of their soccer club because they will severely restrict their opportunities to progress to higher levels if they relay just on their club, especially if their club is deliberately not telling them there are organizations out there that can help them develop or enhance their chances of being professional or getting a scholarship!

I want to stress not all soccer clubs are like this, we have come across many MANY clubs who are looking out for their players development, so there alot of great soccer clubs out there!!!

I hope this tip helps mums, dad and players!

Ray Newland