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Just wanna say a massive big thanks for making me a better keeper I started going to your goalkeeper camps when I was 12 and had 1-1 sessions in Manchester. I’m now twenty seven years old and I’ve finally on the road to being a professional goalkeeper I have an agent.

My goalkeeper game wouldn’t have been near as good if it wasn’t for your camps and 1-1 coaching sessions when I was a youngster and a teen. my drive and passion increased due to the training and coaching, camps you allowed me to have access to.

thank you for the emails and stuff on how to become a better keeper thanks to you and ray and the rest of the staff at J4K. I also have not worn any other goalkeepers gloves or clothing for training and gloves for training and matches since I started wearing J4K gear at the age of 12. I swear by Just4keepers goalkeeper gear the price, the quality the comfort and value your getting compared to the likes of Nike goalkeeper gloves and other gear thanks again Just4keepers.

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