Just4keepers started in 1999 and is the leading and largest goalkeeper academy globally, and over the past two decades has helped more goalkeepers achieve there dreams than any other similar organisation in history.

J4K Founder Ray Newland, Looking For Partners To Grow US Goalkeeping And Soccer.

In 2011 Just4keepers brought out the Just4keepers Goalkeeper Glove that can only be described as a goalkeeping glove phenomenon. The J4K gloves where only brought out to service the goalkeeper students of the J4k students globally to help them and their parents save money.

However, when the goalkeeping world seen the top-quality glove specifications, very fair prices and that J4K were trying to help goalkeepers (and parents) save money, the J4K glove exploded onto the goalkeeper scene and now has over 40,000 loyal goalkeeper customers in fifty plus countries.


Just4keepers is now looking for investors and business partners across the USA. So if you are interested in soccer, especially goalkeeping and you share the Just4keepers vision to help goalkeepers and their parents with their goalkeeping development and provide top goalkeeping products, please CONTACT J4K today to arrange a chat.

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We are only looking for people who have a passion for developing US Soccer, in particular goalkeeping, and will be proactive.

Even though we are looking for investors and business partners, it is important to note, we are not looking for silent partners and money is not our motivator.

Or ideal partner, will be willing to invest in the growth of goalkeeping in the USA and will have the contacts to help Just4keepers grow faster across the USA.

If this is something of interest, CONTACT J4K TODAY for a non-obligated chat.

(Please state in subject box – INTERESTED IN J4K PARTNERSHIP)