I recently mentioned to one of our Just4Keepers of East PA Academy Groups how great it was that they support each other within the Coaching sessions. One example of this support was when the group were helping support one of our keepers during her rehab from a torn ACL injury, and were constantly offering encouragement and well wishes!

The next great example of support is among the siblings that we have at Just4Keepers of East PA. Amazingly we have 7 sets of sibling Keepers within our 5 Academy locations!

It really is nice to see and hear the encouragement the siblings provide each other, whether it’s a Proud glance, a “Well Done”, or a ‘Pat on the Back’, that bond is very strong and very evident!!

Doing a shooting drill recently where I had two keepers in net (one in front and one behind), it just so happened that the two keepers were brother and sister, the Brother was in the front and the older Sister behind. The Brother made the save and immediately was told ‘Great Save’ by the proud Sister who literally had his back!!

Talking to some of the siblings parents they assure me it isn’t always that way off the field. But once they cross the white lines of the practice field, the common Keeper bond the siblings share takes over!