Every week I get many emails and phone calls from frustrated parents complaining about goalkeeper academies and camps. They tell me how much money they spend on academies and camps in the area but they feel that their children are not getting enough of these training.

“The kids are simply a NUMBER and a DOLLAR sign  for these camps”. In fact, one parent stated that these academies are like a “babysitting company”, they keep them busy, hopping and happy until is time to go home. Furthermore,  parents can only see their kids doing drills and other things which gives an illusion of great training. These are legitimate complaints from parents. But then again, some parents are happy with this kind of set up.

I personally do not believe that XYZ academy is better than the other, or that certain program associated with a professional team or “name” is the best.  But I can tell you that as a former professional/international goalkeeper every goalkeeper training session I had, was in small groups of 3 or less and sometimes 4 or less. Today,  ANY professional goalkeeper in the world will tell you they train in small groups.  So then, why do certain academies brag about their excellent programs when they have TONS of kids to train?  ask any school teacher if they prefer to teach large classes? teachers will tell you that kids do not get the proper attention in large classes no matter what well known organization is giving the class.

On the other hand, Curriculums. Some academies love to tell the world that their curriculum was designed by a professional club or “ONE awesome coach”  or a magician goalkeeper coach  that suddenly will make all goalkeepers at this camp magically awesome.  My opinion on this is simple, I rather go with the academy with the most experience. For example,  J4K has over 500 years of experience combined among our coaches and several thousands of hours of playing time in professional games, World Cups , Euro cups and international games.   All of these year of experience can only design the most effective training programs in the world for keeper of all ages and levels. J4K has a proven track record showing thousands of kids have been trained and over 400 J4K students have moved on to play in college and professional teams around the world.

The key is that J4K classes are kept small to keep close attention to details, we train our kids like professionals train, in a small groups to ensure they get the very best training possible. that is the reason for our success around the world. Anyone can now find information online about the thousands of happy parents that have witnessed their children get better by training with J4K.

I will close by saying, make sure to search what a goalkeeper training is all about, I think that is the biggest questions from parents today. Most people think of a goalkeeper training as a SUMMER CAMP or CLUB TRAINING with tons of kids and several coaches running drills, but I am sorry to say that is wrong.

Goalkeeper training requires as much attention as a person training to run a race. It requires speed, power, agility, lots of fitness and technical understanding to succeed in the 21st century soccer games. So goalkeepers need to be challenged constantly otherwise they will fall behind.

I would love to hear from you, email me or go to my FACEBOOK and let us know, if you have any questions or need drills that you can do at home with your goalkeeper child

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