Often motivation is easier when a goalkeeper has a crisis, when he/she is facing adverse conditions, or they’re chasing an immediate target, eg. being challenged for the starting position, playing time or being substituted due to repetitious careless mistakes. How about of those keepers that play on a premier level team and although they are the only keepers on the squad and play every minute of every game they do not get a lot of action as their team dominates most games and the few times that the other teams get through or fire shots the saves are fairly easy.

However the keeper miss handles the ball or makes the wrong decision on how to handle that easy save, sometimes resulting in a silly goal. Those situations tend to spark a keeper’s emotional energy. But how does a keeper get motivated to perform at his/her best if there is no apparent or desperate need?

A keeper’s job is to concede as few goals as possible. Regardless if a team has won or lost every game or if the team is up 7-0 or down 7-0.

With this mindset, a goalkeeper has a reason to excel, not just get by or do okay. A keeper needs to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow. A mentally strong goalkeeper will always excel!