In our Just4Keepers PA programs, we have keepers who also play Basketball, Football, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball to name but a few. It’s great that these kids are active and playing sports, not only for their physical well-being, but also their development of social skills, cognitive skills, and the understanding of team play.

As a Goalkeeper Coach, it’s very important though to make sure that technique, habits, philosophies, etc. don’t CROSS over.

For example, when running some ‘Hand-Eye Co-ordination’ drills, I have to make sure my ‘Basketballers’ are using correct Goalkeeping catching technique with hands side by side, as opposed to a one hand to the side and one behind, more akin to basketball.

Another example is a wider stance adopt by baseball/softball infielders, make sure their feet are set correctly at shoulder width apart to allow for good foot placement and quick movement. This wider stance can often cross over from Volleyball as players get wider to ‘Dig’ the ball.

Some of our ‘American’ Footballers and Tennis players will have a tendency to reach out for the ball as opposed to getting their feet moving and trying to get the body behind the ball.

Not only will this attention to detail set you apart in terms of being a detail orientated coach, but the keepers will realize you care about their development and not just there to run drills. It will also help them to delineate between techniques and sports and make them better decision makers and more adept at each particular sport!

There are some Great things that transcend all the above mentioned sports, and that is one that one of the Major components of Good Goalkeeping, and that is Footwork. Our Keepers are taught during our footwork sessions how drills being worked on to improve their footwork for Goalkeeping (in terms of speed, poise, strength, explosiveness) will not only help them when they are playing this position, but will also help with the other sports they play too.

Once again, explaining ‘How’ and ‘WHY’ drills are conducted and what their benefits are will not only help get the point across and help the keeper understand why we conduct some of our ‘Crazy’ footwork drills with and with conditions. But, will also set you apart as the Detail Orientated Coach you SHOULD BE!!