We are pleased to announce that J4K is now in Denver!

J4K is an international goalkeeper academy that is currently operating in 17 countries and now in Denver, Colorado.  J4K has trained thousands of goalkeepers across the world and has helped several hundred goalkeepers sign with professional clubs across Europe. We have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD that is unmatched.

The coaches in J4K are ex-professional and international players.  Some of them are even still playing professional.  Furthermore, some of our coaches have played in World Cups, won European Cups and League Championships.  J4K coaches have over 500 years of playing/coaching experience.  No other Academy in Colorado comes close to the J4K experience!

Our YEAR ROUND academy provides our students with specialized training for goalkeepers and the coaches are FULL-TIME expert goalkeeper coaches.  Our keepers spend time training with experts and J4K professional goalkeepers from around the world.

We look forward to seeing YOU in our upcoming camps!  Please contact “Z” Lozano for any questions you may have.