Everyone knows that goalkeepers are different than their field player teammates in so many ways. From skill sets, to mentality, training methods, and vision, goalkeepers are a different breed of player. To state the obvious, fitness training for goalkeepers should also be very different. Goalkeepers get very little out of running laps and suicide sprints. They don’t need to be “90 minutes” fit, but rather, 18 yards fit. Fit to be able to make multiple saves in a row and then be able to jump high and tip a ball over the bar. Challenges we present goalkeepers at our weekly training with Just 4 Keepers of Northern VA will tax goalkeepers physically and mentally, but in a fun environment.  When the body gets tired, concentration in catching and moving becomes more of a challenge. We try as much as possible to pair handling and game realistic scenarios with real game fitness. When a goalkeeper becomes tired, the first thing to collapse is focus which can lead to breakdowns in handling and footwork, turning saveable balls into goals.

Coaches, parents and spectators all expect goalkeepers to be explosive in their movements and reactions,regardless of their current body position: standing, sitting, laying, from the knees etc. This is why so many of our training exercises include multiple saves and the repetition of going to/getting up from the ground as quickly as possible.These up/down movements build strong core strength. At Just 4 Keepers of NoVA we encourage players to continually work on their core strength even when they are not training with us. Just spending 10-15 minutes per day on core strength can make a huge difference. Adding a recovery component to a saving sequence in training helps work that core strength. Keep in mind goalkeepers need to be quick within a 15-30 second period and then be reset for another burst of energy for another 30 seconds.

So fining the right mix or “fit” of goalkeeper specific fitness exercises is essential in building a confident successful keeper. We’re not a ball and bag coach who’s around for a 6 or 8 week program. We’re committed to weekly classes year round to help your goalkeeper achieve their goals. Come on out for a free session to see why we’re trusted by more than 5000 parents weekly worldwide to train their keepers! You can contact Coach Larry at Larrydolph@just4keepers.com or 703 239-4J4K (4545).