If we are to improve and grow as players and coaches, we must be able to self-evaluate. But what does that mean, as a young player I remember thinking I was pretty good, this was in a time before social media, internet and soccer coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I had no reference point to evaluate if I was good or not at that time my coaches where not goalkeeping experts (and if you are a goal keeper you must have one of these) and couldn’t help me to improve, so I was left trying to figure things out for myself mostly.

Over time I have developed a method for self evaluating my skills related to each other and where I fee they should be and I use this method with every goalkeeper I work with. In essence it requires them to look at key goalkeeping skills and rate themselves on a scale of 1-13 based on where they think they are right now. Once they complete the evaluation I will review it and if necessary do my own of them. I won’t amend theirs because this is how they see themselves and that is vital in understanding how to help them develop and improve.

Every 6-8 week they will do it again, without having the previous one to reference and we will see how they understanding of their skills has improved. As a coach it is important to refrain from giving opinions or sharing your thoughts with the player you will get a greater insight into their confidence in their own ability from them doing this task themselves and it will give you all the information you need to know to be able to put together a dedicated training plan for that player.

As you complete these evaluations you will start to build a much greater understanding of the goalkeeper you are working with and how to help them get the most out of their game, not everyone is going to play at the professional, semi-professional or college level, but everyone can get the very most out of their skill, physical ability and commitment as possible and at J4K we work tirelessly to make sure that happens for every player that attends one of our camps, clinics or sessions.

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