Having watched thousands of soccer games in my time as a coach I have noticed one important part of the goalkeepers game, SAFETY!!

Many times I have seen goalkeepers get charged by opposing players, flipped over when they jump for the ball, crashed into when they dive for a low ball and even pushed into the goal when they have possession of the ball! (And yes the referee did allow the goal lol)

Part of being a Goalkeeper is having an ability to sense danger and protect ourselves when one of the above happens in a game. When I am Goalkeeper Coaching in New York  I always teach my goalkeepers the importance of protecting themselves when in the goal. With the speed of the game changing and the amount of concussions that occur in the game at the youth level it is vital that young goalkeepers are prepared for the unexpected.

Proper goalkeeping technique is a huge part of safety as it teaches the goalkeepers how to land properly preventing injury but also allowing the goalkeeper to keep control of the ball after a save.

These are all the topics we cover in our Just4Keepers Academy in NY. For more information email gavin@just4keepers.com or better still come join our Academy for a FREE session at your convenience.