Most of the keepers who contact us about becoming a Member of the Just4Keepers of East PA Goalkeeping Academy have either heard about us from Existing Keepers, Team Coaches who understand the importance of Keeper Specific Coaching, or seeing our sessions in action. They are aware of how we help develop solid Goalkeepers due to our ‘KEEPER ONLY’ program and understand that our sessions are Challenging, yet Fun and follow a Progressive weekly Topic based curriculum.

As our program is Year-Round, we are able to spend more time on each Technique and Micro-Technique required by Goalkeepers to become solid and reliable keepers with promising futures.

Our Keepers tell us that because of the way we coach, they are able become stronger in areas they have weaknesses and are still able to further develop areas they are strong in.  They tell us they don’t feel rushed to learn things too quickly as they are able to learn in an environment that focuses on weekly development and progresses by topic each week.

We are regularly getting feedback from coaches of teams that our keepers play on. Coaches tell us that our keepers are developing well by making less mistakes, being cleaner with their handing, being in better positions when shots are taken, more vocal with team mates, better with their distribution and more importantly more confident!!

We have keepers in our program that are already heading off to play soccer in college and furthering their playing careers. These keepers are role models and mentors to other members of our program and can show the younger keepers that hard work, dedication and commitment to our program can help them fulfill their potential!!

As a program, we are confident in what we do and how we coach it. However, receiving the feedback we do from coaches and parents, along with seeing our keepers grow in confidence and ability, and watch the keepers in the group bond and create lifelong friendships (even though these keepers may compete against each other for different teams), just goes to show that

“The Proof of the Pudding is in …………. The Keeping!!”