When I coach a keepers, at the start of each session I ask questions that are relative to that weeks topic. For example, How do I catch a ball?, What is the most important thing about dealing with a high ball?, When do I deflect a ball as opposed to catching it?, etc

I like to ask questions to find out what a new J4K keepers existing technical knowledge, or to find out if our existing keepers have been paying attention to our coaching. I find that asking these questions ingrains the small details of each type of technique into the keepers mind, allowing them to process the ‘Micro-Techniques’ that make up the overall technique!

This week at Just4Keepers of East PA we have been focusing on ‘Low to Mid Height Diving Saves’. So, I have been asking at the start of each session with my groups, “What is the most important part of a diving save?” Some of the replies have been:-

“Get your hands behind the ball”, “Protect yourself when you land”, “Keeping the ball out of the net”,  

All of these are important parts of a diving save. For me, the first step is THE most important part of a diving save. It creates the drive to the ball and when done correctly allows for a greater extension of the body to reach the ball to either tip it away or get more behind the ball to secure the ball more effectively. There is more to a Dive, than the Dive

It really is amazing how much keepers can develop when you set the environment for a detailed learning experience with ‘step by step’ coaching points and focus on the technique at a ‘Micro-Technique’ level. When you coach a keeper to be systematic with how they learn and have quality repetitions, the technique becomes a ‘Good Habit’ and is performed on a more regular basis! At Just4keepers of East PA, coach keepers on diving saves to focus on the FEET, then the HANDS, then the BODY!! If you think about the HANDS before the FEET, you have Forgotten the most IMPORTANT part of the ‘Low to Mid Height Diving Saves’

At J4K of EAST PA, we pride ourselves on being Detail Oriented and Focused Coaches, providing Detailed and Focused Coaching sessions to ultimately develop Detail Oriented and Focused Keepers!!!