With the spring season quickly approaching, we have been getting more inquiries from parents wanting to get their keepers in our program for a ‘Few-Weeks’ before the spring season starts to dust off and be ready for the start of the season.

At this point I ask the parents what they hope to achieve with a ‘Few’ weeks of Goalkeeping coaching? If they are looking for a Goalkeeping ‘Band-Aid’, there is no such thing.

To become a successful Goalkeeper needs years (not a ‘Few’ weeks) of Structured, Challenging & Progressive coaching.  After explaining this to one parent, his response was, “Ok, but my son has trouble diving low to make saves, I thought if you could work with him for a ‘Couple’ of weeks, you could help him fix it”. I explained that at Just4Keepers PA, we have a structured curriculum that has a different topic each week, one that progresses from the previous week’s topic building upon the previous technique, to help the keeper develop on a steady curve that will help him or her build solid foundation to progress from.  I asked the parent if his son had been coached how to ‘Land the Dive’? The parent was a little confused at first. I followed that up by stating that the keeper needs to know how to land correctly before they become successful at Diving Saves.

I really enjoyed the conversation with the parent as it opened his eyes and mind to the fact that we cannot ‘Fix’ keepers with a ‘Few’ sessions. Instead, it takes a program that will help the Goalkeeper Develop at a pace that will assist in creating good habits, eliminating bad habits and will teach the Goalkeeper different techniques to use in different situations. So, when that situation arises in a game the keeper can make a better decision on the type of technique to use as they have been coached how to deal with that situation.

The Parent was very appreciative of my input and mentioned that his son had been to a couple of other Goalkeeper coaches locally, but none had spoken that ‘In-Depth’ about what it takes to be a solid keeper. He said the boy had been to a few short 6-week clinics but after they were over, the son had nowhere to go. I mentioned that we do conduct clinics, but it is more of an introduction to the position and an introduction to the Just4Keepers program and our coaching philosophy. We then hope the keeper then becomes a member of our weekly, year-round Academy.

Needless to say the parent was impressed and immediately signed their son up to join our Academy. “I’m glad we had this chat” he said. “I’m a little embarrassed that I hadn’t thought about what it takes to become successful”. I replied, “Don’t worry, sit back, watch what we do and enjoy seeing your son develop into a very solid ALL-Round Goalkeeper”