When I’m talking to Potential new Keepers, Parents or Club coaches, regarding Goalkeeper Coaching in PA, it’s really easy to talk up Just4Keepers and our Year-Round Coaching Program Model!!

Some of the questions I’m asked are :-

“Why do keepers need to practice year-round, my club runs a 6-week keeper clinic twice a year. Surely this is good enough?”

“There’s a girl on my team whose Dad was a high school goalkeeper, he coaches her a few minutes a week at the practice. Thats enough right?”

“My son also plays baseball and other sports, he can’t be there all year, can he still be involved?”

These questions are easy to answer.

In talking about Just4Keepers program, I am able to answer all the above questions. “As Just4Keepers is a “year-round” program, it allows keper to build a more solid foundation to aid their Keeper Devlopment, rather than the 6-week clinics offered by some clubs/gk schools. J4K has a ‘Tried & Tested’ Curriculum with weekly, progressive and challenging topics that allow keepers to focus weekly and spend more time on each aspect of this very specialized position. This extra time sepent working on Fundamentals, WILL make your keeper a more well-rounded keeper with a better understanding of the postition, the ability to make better goalkeeping decisions, and an improvement in GK specific confidence.

Just4Keepers coaches have played at high levels of soccer, be it, college, Semi-Pro, Pro, or International. These coaches are all currently coaching on a weekly basis and are involved in developing and maintaining up to date and relevant coaching curriculums. This experience enables your keeper to be coached with development, progresssion and structure. Rather than facing shots or only receving a few minutes every so often of Goalkeeper work.

We understand that there are other sports to play and we believe that keepers who play other sports and can relate their goalkeeping work with the other sports they play can only benefit from this. As we are year-round, there is No Registration Period, No Start Date, No new season enrollment, we are always working and always there. Of course being involved in the Just4Keepers Academy near you as much as possible will benefit you more, if you need to take a few sessions off as you have conflicts with other sports, you know where we are when you want to return (Providing there is a space for you).

Please give us a shout with any Goalkeeper related Questions!!