hi guys it is Ray Newlands here from Just4keepers also called J4k. I hope you are fit and well ?

In this quick video I am going to explain why the majority of independent coaches in their coaching businesses don’t earn the income levels that they desire.

Now in this video here today, I will speak about goalkeeping coaching because that’s my niche.

But it does not matter if you are a goalkeeping coach or outfield coach, even if your basketball coach

If you coach I am exceptionally confident that some of my pointers here today will really you.

Now before explain why, I think one of the main reasons why most coaches fail to earn the income that the desire.

Just a bit about myself,  but my teeth back in sorry 🙂 i will explain more about myself and business.

I was a professional goalkeeper for 10 years.

I got injured in 1999 and then it started Just4keepers, which went on to become the leading the largest goalkeeper schools in the world.

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I think at our peak we were in 37 countries but i have scaled back over the past couple of years.

But over the past two decades, we have coached well over 50,000 goalkeepers and we have helped hundreds of goalkeeping coaches achieve their financial dreams.

So everything that I speak about here, guys okay, I have coached all over the world.

So every everything I speak about in this video here today is from the feedback that I’ve had from hundreds, probably thousands of goalkeeping coaches and out-fielding coaches, all over the world.

That i have helped over the years and also every week I’m getting dozens of emails from goalkeeping coaches completely frustrated,

saying Ray, you know, I just can’t earn the income levels that I want to earn to go full time.

So hopefully won’t want to say here will really help because I think one of the main reasons why goalkeeping coaches or any coach fails

to earn the income levels that they Desire, it’s because of the conversations that the either in their head and with their network.

So I met two types of coaches over the years.

the coaches frustrated because they cannot earn the income levels to go full time an the coach that achieved financial independence or at least achieved their finances that they wanted.

Unfortunately  for the frustrated goalkeeping coach guys, the conversations that they have with themselves and with fellow coaches, I know it sounds crazy.

Guys don’t want to say that about coaching, its about sessions plans, It’s about the next qualification etc

now i am not saying they are not important, the obviously are important guys, Okay, because this coach that has have achieved their dreams.

They still speak about about session plans and qualifications, etc But we also have other conversations in their head and with their network

So they network with coaches but they also make sure that the network with entrepreneurs and business owners.

It is really, really important guys that the conversations that you have in your head or with other people is also about marketing your

promoting your business, branding your business, branding yourself etcand that’s why these guys have achieved their dreams

while these coaches, unfortunately are still struggling, it’s because of the conversations that these guys have.

I’ll give you the myself as an example.When I got ended in 1999, I was a typical ex thick football guys.

I was broke, when I got injured, I was broke, in debt, was living in rented accommodation.

But I understood, I knew that I wasn’t educated as as a businessman.

As an example, for me to become a professional goalkeeper.I knew I had to find goalkeeper coaches,.

So now that I was in business, I knew that I have to find like, other mentors but in business if that make sense.

So since 1999 i have read thousands of books like this, little thousands of books guys, and literally every single year pay for at least one, sometimes two mentors to give me the short cut to success.

Because for me, if I want to get to somewhere i would rather pay somebody to get the short court, if that makes sense.

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Now alot of people say, Hey, learn from your mistakes, but I think that’s wrong. You should learn from all the people’s mistakes.

And if you  gotta pay for that, so be it, because sadly, 99.9% of goalkeeping coaches who I meet don’t want to pay for mentors

They want to do it themselves but that ends up taking a lot of time, a lot of mistakes and ends up costing them more money anyway.

so over the year, thats what i have done anyway, because it is so important.

I even wrote this book, Now this is not a plug for this book by the way guys, so you are not going to see any links for a sales or any of that nonsense.

But over the years have learned that much from entrepreneurs and business owners, i wanted to write all the success traits down.

You actually wrote this book for myself just to remind me on a daily basis, what i should be doing to keep moving business forward?

So hope that makes sense, but if i have lost you, let me explain it another way.

This is from experience, this is what i have seen from my own two eyes, which has happened in several countries that i have coached.

So, for example, I’ve done to an area were there has been two goalkeeper coaches, this goalkeeper coach has got all the business

and this goalkeeper coach has got hardly any business but this goalkeeping coach has all the credentials…

He has played, played, at a very good level, got all the qualifications, is fit and healthy.

Got all the right people skills etc and got all the right credentials to be a fantastic goalkeeping coach.

But, yeah, this goalkeeping coach with the greatest respect, hs got nowhere near the credentials this guy has got…

but he get all the business, and the reason being he knows how to market… and this guy does not.

Please listen to what i am going to say here now, because i have so many goalkeeping coaches say to me over the years,

Ray, i have all these credentials and i am so much better than this goalkeeping coach, and for the the most part they are.

I’m better than this Goalkeeping coach, but they’re getting all the business, you know….. ….why is this happening?

Because unfortunately alot of goalkeepers coaches think,  just because they have got the qualifications… just because they were the ex professional

Just because they have the got their best qualifications that they can get, they think that people are gonna come running to them.

Never gonna happen guys… never gonna happen.!!!

Most people don’t even know who you are with the greatest respect you have got to market to them.

And the reason why this guy had all the success is because the conversations that they had. This guy had all the credentials.

but he was just speaking about session plans, speaking to other coaches,

this guy was focusing on, still spoke about sessions plans and qualifications but also they were speaking to the right people

about marketing, promoting etc, and they got all the business.

so please listen to what i am going to say here guys, it does not matter how good you are as a goalkeeper coach,

If someone else is getting the business first, the students are not even going to go to you.

So you never going to get an opportunity to show goalkeeper students how good you are because they’re going to person that marketed if makes sense.

Especially young Children Guys, because we all know, i have three children, and wherever i have took them, they have always stayed with that coach.

If a young goalkeeper is going to go to this goalkeeper coach first, you know for the most part, they are going to stay,

Because most goalkeeper coaches, as soon as we get the students, we know that we are good enough to put on a training session

that will keep the goalkeepers coming back if that makes sense guys.

So I hope that helps guys. Okay and I am saying this from experience, from seeing this with my own two eyes and having the feedback

from thousands of coaches over the years and unfortunately most coaches think it’s about obviously about  the credentials etc

obviously it helps, obviously it helps, but you need to know how to market yourself.

because if you’re not getting students to come to you but the students are going to someone else, you are never going to grow,

and that’s why unfortunately most coaches quit because they do not get the students coming to them first.

Okay, and that’s because of the conversations that they are having and what they wrongly focus on….

As I keep saying guys, focusing on session plans, you know, qualifications etc, I  stress guys it is still important.

but there is more important conversations about especially marketing, as i said earlier on in the video,  most goalkeeper come to me and say

heh Ray, i have my own goalkeeper coaching schools but as soon as i see their website, as soon as I hear their conversations,

I am like, no you have not got your own goalkeeper coaching schools unfortunately, you have not got your own goalkeeper coaching business

you are employed and you have just something on the side.

because unless they change their conversations and how to get educated on how to market their business, it will be

very tough for them to obviously go full time.

Okay, hope that helps guys, if i have not explained properly, and Okay, Obviously these all the reasons

why coaches do not earn the income levels that they desire. i just wanted to explain what of the main reasons why.

if there is anything you are unsure about, please comment below and i will try my best to get back to you and answer.

So if you’re frustrated, goalkeeping coach again, please, put your comments below.

Also if you are goalkeeping coach who is achieving their dreams it would also be amazing to hear from yourselves as well.

So please put your comments below as well, as this will help fellow goalkeeper coaches all over the world.

so hope this video helps guys, it was going to be a quick five minute video, but obviously, I am a goalkeeping coach.

and our hobby is talking, hope this helps, all the best, take care and i look forward to reading your comments.

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