When I saw the statement above, I immediately thought how my role as a Goalkeeper coach is similar.

I try to help keepers get to a place where they wouldn’t get by themselves.

As a keeper coach we are not only responsible for coaching and developing technique. We are also responsible for helping develop people, character, attitude, ability and leadership.

Personally I think you need to be a leader to develop leaders. If you show you can lead, people will see the evidence, see your leadership techniques, learn to apply them and can become a leader too.

As a Coach we are also mentors too. Young keepers need somebody who they can look up to, lean on, learn from, relate too, and confide in! Keepers need to know they can trust you and that you are there to help them achieve their personal goals. You cannot Make a keeper do anything you can only help them, the more they trust you and your style, the more they will try to follow your advice and try to ‘GET TO A PLACE THEY WOULDN’T GO BY THEMSELVES!’

A coaches connection with his or her keepers is as important if not more so than the content of their sessions! The delivery of the session along with the relationship makes the learning of the content so much easier!

Remember, when you coach you are more than just a coach, you are a Mentor and a Leader!