When I was younger, My Mam used to tell me when I said “I can’t do this, or I can’t do that”, that “There is no such word as can’t!”

Now I’m older I look back at those words and try to apply them while I’m coaching. My job as a coach (as I mentioned in my last blog – www.just4keepers.com/a-coach-a-mentor-a-leader/) is to help the Keeper get to a place they wouldn’t get to by themselves!

For me, the word Can’t in certain situations can be replaced by the phrase “I Won’t!”.  Becoming a good goalkeeper takes TIME, DEDICATION, PASSION, PATIENCE, EFFORT, DESIRE and HUNGER, amongst other attributes. To me, if a keeper says “they CAN’T do a low diving save to the Left”, “they CAN’T take a 6-Yard Kick”, or “they CAN’T move back to push the ball over the bar”, they are in essence telling me they don’t have the attributes I mentioned above to become a good keeper.

At Just4Keepers of East PA, our coaching style and Year-Round coaching allows for more time spent on the ‘Micro-Techniques’ required to master the Goalkeeping Position. We work on the small details required to work step by step through the techniques required to become a Good Goalkeeper and lay the foundations for success!

Our focus is to turn the CANT’S/WONT’S into the CAN’S/WILL’S and more importantly, the DID!!

Goalkeeping is a confidence position, and working on techniques the way we do at Just4Keepers of East PA allows confidence to increase along with the WANT to learn more and expand your comfort zone. Over the years we have seen our keepers come from being timid quiet keepers who are reluctant to step outside their comfort zone to Keepers who are Confident, Leaders (both on the field and off in everyday life), More Technically sound, and more Inclined to Step Outside their Comfort Zone and broaden their Goalkeeping Horizons!