Goalkeeper Training Albany NY – Fall Season is Done….Now What??

For a few of the lucky ones, our high school teams are still competing at the Regional and State levels for Fall soccer. However, for the majority of us, our Fall season has come to an end after all of the hard work, preparation, training and matches. This leaves many of us, even those that participate in winter sports, with a sense of….Now What?

For Goalkeepers, the feeling can be somewhat overwhelming. If you are not part of a year round training program, most often you pick up the next sport like Basketball, Volleyball or Wrestling and don’t even touch a soccer ball until next summer. This can be DEVASTATING to your skills!! It is imperative to remember that to maximize your potential you must train year round. It doesn’t need to be a huge commitment in time or money, but you need to find yourself with a soccer ball at your feet and in your hands at least once per week. Working on your basic handling, contour catches, goal kicks, footwork, diving technique and angle  play. All of these things can be worked on individually or in small groups.

That’s why the Just 4 Keepers training program is based on weekly training, approximately one hour, every week, year round. Most J4K coaches have convenient training sessions planned so that you can squeeze in an hour or two in between Basketball practices. This way you can work with a certified coach, many of whom are ex professional, semi-pro and college keepers. They know how to train Goalkeepers and develop topic driven sessions in a way that keeps your skills fresh year round. This way, when next fall comes along and the school try-outs come around…you may find yourself moving up on the depth charts and leaving the other Goalkeepers, who didn’t train, scratching their heads watching you take their spot!

For the year round Goalkeeper who is committed to soccer and wants nothing more than to play at the highest levels, you MUST train year round. Your skills need to constantly evolve to take your game to the next level!! You must perfect the basic skills mentioned above so that they are automatic. And you must always improve your advanced skills such as reading the game, organizing your defense, reaction saves, advanced diving, 1 v 1, three goal situations, etc… This is a little more difficult to do on your own in a successful manner. So it is imperative that your program include goalkeeper specific coaching, year round.

Goalkeepers must work harder than any other position on the filed! That is why you most often see us working before practice begins and training after practice ends. Then we go to our Goalkeeping group sessions followed by the speed and agility training that every other player must do. This all becomes a little bit easier and MUCH more FUN if you are a part of a program that includes other hard working Goalkeepers, like J4K!!

So Talk with your coach. Talk with your parents. Make sure they know that you are committed to become the best Goalkeeper you can be! Then give us a shout at J4K and let us help you with Goalkeeper Training near Albany NY!