Our Winter Indoor season for 2017-18 has begin! And with a new indoor season beginning this week, our focus topic is building a solid foundation of goalkeeping through balance, good body/hand/set position and footwork.

Not unlike building a foundation to support a home, a goalkeepers balance, set position, body/hand position and footwork lay the foundation for a (un)successful save. When a home’s foundation isn’t stable or sound, it will hold the house up for a while, but over time especially when the house is tested by the elements it will faulter and collapse. A goalkeepers “foundation” needs to be solid and sound to give the best chance at making a save. Just like that unstable foundation on a home, the unstable foundation of a goalkeeper will be ok for a while, but when shots get tougher and more challenging that weak foundation will prove to be the downfall of the keeper. Repetition for a goalkeeper is key to develop muscle memory and teach the body to react without thinking.

In our weekly goalkeeper training classes we offer a topic for focus each week. As was mentioned, this week we’re working on getting balanced and set with good body and hand shape for a successful handle. We encourage the keepers to say “SET” out lound to get in the habit of getting into that good position and ready. Through a variety of footwork exercises that includes changes of direction and tempo to put keepers in an out-of-balance scenario, we challenge them to make a clean handle or clean up those that are not. We want to eliminate the “soft goals” or goals that should have been saved but because of lapses in a keepers “foundation”  they end of in the back of the net.

It is in our weekly classes that we are able to provide lots of quality touches to goalkeepers and build the solid foundation. With each Just 4 Keepers of NOVA session we revisit that solid foundation but then build on it one level at a time, just like constructing a house. If the lower level isn’t sound, we keep making corrections and adjustments to ensure it’s solid and strong enough to support the goalkeeper in the next phase and make that really difficult shot saveable.

Contact us to find out where you can join us to work on your “foundation”.